As we get to know each other

To the one who I haven’t met yet.

Perhaps we are friends. Perhaps we haven’t met yet. But when I do meet you i would want us to be friends first. There’s a possibility of being something more. But before you even think of the possibility I would want you to know that my heart is tired. I’ve taken risks and chances in the past; followed my heart and it has taken quite a beating. The first cut is the deepest but the rest also hurt.

Here’s what I think. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. But its not enough to make a relationship last.

So before you think you can woo me and win my affections, you need to earn my trust. Like I would want to earn yours too. Till then I will bury my feelings deep, deep inside of me.

I want you to get to know me. My moods, the way I laugh, what makes me smile and what makes me scowl. I’ve often been accused of making things ‘too complicated’ but I don’t, I honestly don’t. I just don’t get the concept of people who say “let’s go with the flow”, “let’s not complicate things”…and so on. I am wary of such people. Why is there so much fear? If you are afraid well guess what? So am I.

Why are we afraid to express our feelings and be vulnerable to another? There is a kind of sweet freedom in being able to do that. It takes a brave heart to do it.

And all I want is to feel your strong arms around me and fall asleep.

I’m trying to be brave but I am also cautious so if you have the patience to wait for me, great. But if you try to force me into feeling something too soon, too quick…I’ll run away.

Peace Out

Can’t Watch This

With reference to today’s daily post…I am reminded of this one particularly gruesome video that a friend sent me.

Perhaps most of you have already seen it. Of ISIS militants shooting hundreds of Iraqi soldiers in cold blood.

So many people have died in the fighting. I wonder when they will realize that they are just breeding more hatred. Is this how peace is to be won? I wonder!

I don’t want to give any political comments about this and start an argument. All I can say is lets pray for those who are suffering and hope that this entire chaos that spread everywhere in the middle east (NOT just IRAQ) gets resolved at the earliest.

Peace Out,



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