Once in a while i still dream about you..

Everything…. Its YOU after all..

Your hair, your smile, your laugh, your eyes…

When I think about love…you summarize it all.

My feelings for you shall never die…

I can stow them away…

Deep inside where no one can see..

No one can know..but me.

I don’t dream about you the way I used to..

Or long for you day and night..

It doesn’t mean that the flame inside..

Doesn’t burn that bright..

But I’ve grown up and let go..

And the pain inside doesn’t really show..

Men will come and men will go..

Maybe for one someday my love will grow..

But for now…

I know what I feel is pure..its true

I’m quite content with thoughts of you

And you may never know how much I really love you…

Learning to breathe

She was sitting on a bench in the park. It was 6:30 in the morning.

It was one of those days when she had decided to wake up early. She didn’t know why. There was this burning restlessness inside of her.

October was never a good month for her. It was always turbulent, always full of uncertainties. She always liked to be planned to the T. Almost like a borderline OCD.

But she was learning to relax. Learning to live. Learning to breathe.

Breathe. She took in a deep breath. For once…in a very, very long time she felt free.

She felt free from the self – imposed shackles of her work…from the notions of what others felt she ought to do…from what she felt she was obliged to do. No…for once she was doing what she wanted to do.

And you know what…being able to do what you want to do? That was real freedom.

She had no where to go. No one to love. Love…another elusive thing which haunted her sometime. But she was learning to let go and set her heart free. She knew one day someone who would keep it in a safe place would find it and till then…till then she was learning how to love herself. Learning how to find happiness in the fact of realizing her true potential as an individual.

She was learning to live.

Learning to breathe.

I’m sorry if I don’t love you anymore

I’m sorry if I don’t love you anymore,

It isn’t as if I didn’t try…

I tried till I could try no more..

I tried till I could cry no more.

I waited for you to acknowledge me everyday,

To say even one tender word to me…

Oh how my heart ached for it…

But you broke it…bit by bit…

You always looked right through me…

Like I was a ghost

Like I didn’t exist …

I felt revulsion in your kiss.

Forgive me if I have moved on,

Too far out of your reach…

And now I wonder why I ever did care..

Perhaps this is how it ends for karma to be fair.

Ladyhawk’s off to a new start

You know,they say that when you want something really badly the universe conspires to make it happen.

Ladyhawk is off to a new start in her life. I will furnish details soon…its not finalized yet but when it is…I will! :)

So the thing is…I needed to make a big decision in my life and well, I needed some help…some signal from the universe to do it and you know what? I got what I wanted. I could make the decision that I needed to.

Guys…I must say, being positive and upbeat all the time is not easy but it is worth it. Try it. You can transform your lives. I am on the path to making something of mine and I hope you will wish me luck!

Hugs and Kisses,


It doesn’t really have to be goodbye

goodbyeOne Last Time,
Let me hold you close…
Close to my heart,
Can’t believe we’ll soon be apart.
One Last Time,
Let me look into your eyes..
And I see that you are sad,
It makes me kind of glad…
It doesn’t have to be goodbye..
I don’t really have to let go..
But I have nothing to hold on to,
And it doesn’t seem you want me to.
Courage dear heart,
Don’t you flounder now…
And when he turns to say goodbye..
Don’t let him see that he made you cry.


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