Early Birds

I’m more like an owl. My brain functions the best at night. Or like they say in Hindi -I am more of an ‘ullu’.

Recently, I had the good fortune to wake up early in the morning. By early – I mean at daybreak. In like a zillion months this rare event happens when Ladyhawk actually likes seeing the morning sun. Yes.

Heh. Ok. So I slept like half an hour because I was partying my ass off but the point IS…I got to see Mumbai in the morning.


Where all the auto-walas (cabbies) were also gearing up for the day and drinking their early morning tea. It was quite a sight. I was roaming around on Carter road and saw all the models going about their exercise routine in a no – nonsense kind of manner. I was too sleepy to appreciate the eye candy but not too sleepy to drink a cup of tea and sit by the rocks for a bit. I saw a couple of athletes(judging by their attire) doing some stretching exercises.

And then I took an auto to Juhu Beach and watched loads of cute little doggies take a potty break. Thanks for polluting the already polluted beach, you lovable four legged creatures.

There is something to be said for rising with the sun maybe…

And then I went home and slept. Perhaps one day I will convert into being a morning person.

Till then, peace out.
– Ladyhawk

Your life is in your own hands

After being pestered by my father to check out more profiles on a famous Indian matrimonial site, I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. Not against a matrimonial site. But it made me feel a little wrong.

I was just thinking. Why should I put my life on hold, waiting for someone to rescue me? Or someone to comfort me? Someone to complete me? Someone to provide for me?

Why can’t I be my own hero?

If I feel emptiness inside me – It is only a reflection of what is missing in me. So! Ladyhawk has decided that love will happen when it has to. I will, in the meantime become the kind of person I want to be in love with. Starting from learning new skills which I find attractive in others.

Isn’t life about growing and experiencing new things? Let’s go!


Thank you God for giving me a friend like Rohit Tanwar.Or like I refer to him (geefu).

Rohit is someone who has always been there for me…we may have a difference but he is someone i can depend upon with my eyes shut. Today is his birthday folks so let’s give him a shout out. :)


Achoo Achoo

Achoo Achoo!
Oh its you :(
Bloody Flu!
Don’t stick to me like glue! >.<
My Joints ache..
The skin on my nose flakes!
From all the sneezing…
I hope I don’t start wheezing!
My face has turned red,
My skin’s so pale it resembles that of the dead..
Ah where is my bed?
I’ll just lay there and play dead.


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