And we are two years old today

Ahoy there! is two years old today!


I had started blogging after a really bad break up. Looking back, I am now amused at how much I wailed but I am glad that it happened.

It forced me to make a change in my life and a change for the better and for that I must thank that gentleman.

Writing makes me happy. A close friend of mine calls me ‘Alice in Wonderland’. And you know what. I am content with my dreams and the thoughts inside my head.

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ElephantJournal and why I heart it

Sometimes I come across a brilliantly beautiful written piece of art.

I am sure that everyone here can appreciate talent. So I am here to talk about ElephantJournal. Its a website. Check it out sometime. But there are a series of posts on the website called ‘Things I Would Like to do to You’. No. Its not shady.

For all the hopeless romantics out there…please check them out.

I am posting a link to one of my favorite posts. It was so beautifully written that it brought tears to my eyes. Or maybe I was just extremely hormonal:

I am re-posting as a fan. I think the author is extremely talented and I am sure you will love it.



Healthy Resolutions!

Hello everyone!

I have recently started paying a bit more attention to my health. Inspired by a friend who said “if you can’t take out one hour for yourself then what’s the point?”

So True.

So here goes nothing:

1.Wake up to this: I wake up with a glass of warm water and lemon. I already feel good today. No more waking up to a cup of coffee. You can add a bit of honey to this if you want but NO sugar! No! Try this for 14 days. You will see the difference.

2. Fruits everyday. Fruits are super good for health. And they taste yummier than veggies. Plus I try to have seasonal fruits since they won’t have preservatives.

3. Exercise. At least for half an hour every day. VERY ESSENTIAL. Get off your ars* right now missy(mister) and move it!

4. Dry fruit. Ok. I personally hate dry fruit but someone told me to eat dry fruit every day so here goes nothing! I will do this soon. It will make your hair + skin shine. What more do you want!

5. Milk. Yes – Calcium is very, very important. Trust me when you are 50 you will understand.

6. Home cooked meals – No take out please! Ah – this is self explanatory. Food cooked at home is always healthier. Plus the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (not if you are a terrible cook … haha….)

7. Drink Water! I swear this works. I am guilty of not drinking a lot of water but trust me…I know how important this is.

8. Sleep. Ah I am guilty again. I seriously do not sleep enough. Bad Ladyhawk! :(

Well there are a lot of other things that one can do – but this is enough I feel for someone like me.

I will soon post 2 very simple DIY skin care techniques for all the lovely ladies out there.

Till then peace – be healthy and stay strong.



2 year anniversary coming up

Hello there everyone!

I hope you are all doing great. With the holiday season just around the corner I hope your spirits are high and you are smiling!

Ladyhawk is going to complete 2 years of blogging on December 16 and I am so excited about it. I may not have been as regular as I wanted to be but I am so glad that I kept on writing. I promise to never stop.

I plan to write something special for that one day. I am currently looking for ideas so suggestions are welcome. If there is something your humble servant could pen down for you?

Hugs to all!

- Ladyhawk


“I think the greatest thing for me would be to fall in love. I’ve never been in love.”

He said this to her and turned around to sleep.

“What about me?” Her heart whispered but she chose to ignore it. He was just like the rest. There…but not really there.


She didn’t expect to like him as much as she eventually did. Perhaps she was trying to fool herself that she could keep her emotions aside all the time.

“Its testament to the fact that you are alive.” Whispered her heart.”You can feel…and you can love so deeply. In that way…you are blessed.”


Perhaps such a blessing was a curse.

They had met at a friend’s party and sparks had flown. He had a sunny disposition, a winning smile. So no one…no one but her could understand why she felt like that.

But he just took. Over and over again. Never gave. His kisses were rough. He was never gentle. In the beginning she just thought he was passionate. But she realized that it was just s.e.x. for him. And when they made love she felt unloved. She felt used. She’d look into his eyes and he’d look away. If she tried to caress his face he would impatiently try to shrug it off. It hurt the first couple of times and then she realized one thing.

His touch wasn’t loving. It was greedy.

It was one thing to love unconditionally; it was another to recognize when to let go.

So she left. She left him alone.


He didn’t like being ignored. He’d call her. Text her erratically. Tell her he was missing her. And then tell her that he couldn’t commit.

“Dear lover do you even know what you want?” She would silently scream at him. But her heart was tired. There was an iron fortress around it that she wasn’t going to allow him or anyone else to destroy.

So she never said anything.

He had a coldheart. It wasn’t her job to melt it.

2014 – Arigato!

2014, what a year you’ve been!

A new house…a new flat mate.

A promotion and a resignation.

Love found and then lost forever.

Friends made. Friends lost.

Lived freely. Slept Soundly.

Took chances. Calculated ones.

No regrets. No looking back.

If nothing…you made me stronger 2014. You made me shine. If 2013 was rough, you made me tough.

2015. Please be the best year ever.

Here’s to never saying never!

Things I wish People would stop doing

So it is that time of the year when I make my annual ‘things-to-grumble-about-list’ and I came up with a few things which just piss me off on an almost daily basis. Ah. I have to stop being so grumpy!

One. Stop honking when the traffic signal is red. We aren’t going to magically disapparate you know!

Two. Stop littering. The Earth is not your personal garbage dump you know? Why are we Indians so dirty!

Three. Stop giving free advice. Like seriously. Stop it. I don’t want your advice, I never asked for it. Like when I should marry. I know, I know I am twenty seven and a half OMG who in their right minds would marry an old maid like me and blah blah blah.

Four. Interviewers – please stop asking me about my ‘marriage plans’. You know that you can go to jail for that – don’t you?

Five. To my friends. Even the close ones. Stop asking me about how much I earn. Its not public information. Only my immediate family knows and I would want it to stay that way!

Six. Creepy guys on Facebook. Get a life and stop randomly messaging me/sending me friend requests.

Seven. To the night watchman who gawks at me every time I wear a dress. Get laid dude. And oh if you could put your eyeballs back in their sockets that would be great as well.

Eight. To parents who let their kids run around anywhere (restaurants/movie theaters/shopping malls/roads etc.) – keep a rein on them will ya? You made them, now be responsible and teach them how to behave! -_- Especially during flights!

Nine. To all the chauvinist men who expect that ‘every girl should know how to cook’ when all they can make is tea and maggi.

Ten. Ah.I suddenly ran out of things but I am sure when I post this I’ll think of 10 more things.


Grumpy hugs!

- Ladyhawk