Release – (1/2)

I wasn’t always like this.

Like what, you might wonder?

Well. I was the same physically. The girl with the red hair, the light-eyed girl; the girl next door. I was easy on the eyes they said. Some even said I was beautiful. But what apparently set me apart was my personality. I could make any man, woman or child gravitate towards me in a matter of minutes. That was my power. I had a way with words.

That’s what attracted Jason to me I guess. The first time we met at a common friend’s party, he barely gave me a glance. He was tall, handsome and dangerous. He made my heart beat in a queer, erratic way. So I knew that I had to be careful. That I should stay away.

But alas! I guess even he could not resist me. There I was…sitting with a group of friends, narrating a story when I felt his gaze on me. It sent a chill down my spine, right to my toes and I shivered. I resisted and¬†averted my eyes.

As if he could read my thoughts he walked towards all of us, smoothly and surely; like a panther approaches its prey. He didn’t say anything. I quickly changed the subject and tried to excuse myself from the group. But he was faster than me. In an instant, he was by my side, with two glasses of champagne in his hands.

” Can I offer you a free drink?” He held up both of ¬†his hands and grinned. He was so cute. I couldn’t help it. I reached out for his left hand and the rest was history.


(To be continued)

2015 wishlist

Ola amigos!

I have come up with a wish list for 2015.  It is a more realistic one compared to last year’s…so here goes nothing.
1. Make my blog super awesome. Yes…I can do so much better this year

2. Make videos on my blog…if I can figure out how to do that with my iPad….

3. Go for bowling atleast once…listen I’m scared of any sport which has a ball in it cos I am sure I’ll hurt myself

4. Attend all weddings…so I’m going to be broke this year who cares!

5. Tattoo…yeah well this year I will do it

6. Attend some concert…I never attended any…ever!

7. 1 foreign trip – Japan thanks to neha? A close friend is getting married and shifting to Tokyo!!

8. Learn how to bake..yeah all I can make is brownies and well yeah…high time!!

9. Wear a bikini in public..on a beach that is. Super fitness…here I come!!

10. Buy the cycle! So I wanted to buy a cycle but I never did. Ah. About time I started doing that!!

What do you think…I think it is pretty achievable! And I have 11 months left!! Eek.

Merry Christmas

To everyone around the world who is waking up to a beautiful Christmas morning…wish you the very best and happy holidays.

Be thankful for the little things that matter the most and most importantly for family…friends and good health.


Lots of love,