Take me to Church – Hozier

I love this song.

I don’t know why people are against the LGBT community. What goes on in any one’s bedroom is no one’s business if it is between 2 consenting adults. When will people realize this?

I claim no rights to this song, re posting as a fan.



I am angry and disturbed

I’ve not been able to sleep for a few days. Ever since I saw a video of this hit and run case which has created an uproar in all parts of the country. I swear, It could be any one of us one day. What a way to die. I did not know if I should write about it, but since it has caused me so much of mental distress, I decided I should write about it.

For those of you who aren’t from India : this is the lowdown. An innocent, young man was crossing the road in a residential area when some rich fuck’s kid drive by at 80 kmph and hit him, he didn’t stop!!

I made the mistake of watching the video which was caught on a cctv and it made my blood boil.I felt a surge of disbelief, pain, grief, anger, rage, shock and despair.

In India, it is very easy for the rich to get away with almost anything. If there was no cctv footage, no one would have seen the merc hit the man, see him fly 12 feet into the air. It is the only reason that they have been able to charge the person driving the car, apparently a juveline with culpable homicide. I sometimes wonder about juvenile offenders. I think by the time you are 16, you are grown up enough to know shit like this. It is one of the most disturbing things I have seen in my life.

What has this world come to, I wonder. How can you kill someone and run away? What kind of a human being could be so reckless and so cruel. It breaks my heart. What kind of a world will our children live in? I wonder, I wonder.

I hope people will be more careful, but I guess that’s too much to hope. Our society is going to the dogs, no one pays heed to caution anymore.

Over and out,

A very disturbed Ladyhawk

Me, Myself & I

Reposting as a fan.

I claim no rights to this song. Lyrics are in the video.

Peace Out,


Batman Vs. Superman – My Review

Note: Some tiny spoilers ahead.

Call me partial to Christian Bale but how in the world can Ben Affleck even think he can pull off the role of Batman successfully? He was bad as Daredevil, but even worse as Batman.

Here is what I felt about the movie.

  1. The title should have been Superman Vs. Super – lame Batman.
  2. What’s with the shoddy suit Batman?
  3. The Batmobile is soooo uncool in this movie.
  4. The music (soundtrack) in the movie will make you feel like you are in a bad opera.
  5. The beast in this movie is even more lame than the mutts in the Hunger Games.
  6. Why is Batman always dreaming about this and that? He’s smoking too much pot I feel.
  7. What’s with Alfred being all hep and happening – oh for heaven’s sake!
  8. Why does Wonder Woman do nothing till the very end of the movie? Her appearance is like so abrupt in the entire scheme of things.
  9. There’s this one scene where Bruce Wayne suddenly sees Superman and looks super stunned. I have not seen a more lame scene in my entire life.
  10. Why do they do this entire piece of Superman dying when we all know he isn’t going to die! For heaven’s sake they could have cut the movie short by like 10 minutes.

The only thing good about the movie were Superman & WonderWoman (man she is kick-ass or what!)

And oh – there is no trailer at the end of the movies, so no point in waiting for the credits to get over.

Over and out,




Total Despair

All it took was one look..

One glance into your eyes..

And within the next five minutes…

I never wanted to say goodbye…

Goodbyes are so hard…

Letting go is so tough…

But you did it so well…

Your words were so rough…

One minute you were there…

Holding me tight…

The other minute you left,

Left me to cry for many a night…

It is not a good thing..

To love someone like this…

And yet you showed me how one can experience…

Total despair and extreme bliss.



When words make you weep

Have you ever read something so good…something which strikes a chord in you and makes you want to cry?

Here are a few quotes which always make me tear up:

“The cure of the pain is in the pain.”

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

“The wound is the place where light enters you.”

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”

Yes, these are all written by Rumi. And because I love them and I can relate to them…I am sharing them.